VLOGOWEEN | Serial Killer: Doll Faced


“This is another very simple look that is easy to create. It’s also VERY customisable!”

This tutorial again is very cheap to recreate, the only thing most people won’t own is liquid latex which can be brought from Halloween stores in small quantities. I do the bruising work with cream makeup in this but it can be substituted for lipsticks or eyeshadow if your budget is tight. If you are looking to get into special effects, the bruise wheel I will list below was one of the first products I purchased and it really helped me.



Looking at it now I’ve done the list, it seems like alot of products. But really, every product plays an important role in the making of this look. As I always mention you do not need to use the expensive professional products like I’ve used, you can use drugstore and Halloween store products if your budget doesn’t fit brands like MAC and Kryolan!

If you do recreate this look then please do share it with me via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I’d love to see what you guys come up with!


VLOGOWEEN | Possessed Makeup



“I wanted to create a look that’s super easy and quick for people to recreate for Halloween, yet it still looks super effective, and it’s very affordable to do!”

For this look I did use professional grade products, mainly cream products. My full product list is below but of course you can buy cheaper Halloween cream makeup from the Halloween stores to recreate this look, I just prefer not to use it because of the quality of the makeup and how it reacts with my skin. If you do have the money I would suggest investing in more professional grade quality, to stop the risk of having awful breakouts from the cheap makeup.


  • Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation: 1 Light Beige
  • Kryolan Supracolor (all shades I used): 072, 079, 082, 046, 517, 091, 070
  • Kryolan Classic Lipstick: LC171
  • Baby Powder

As you can see, this is a very simple look that barely requires any products. If your budget is tight, you could always use fewer shades of the Supracolor that I did. I chose to use so many different shades because I feel it’s important to include different tones in looks like this.

If you do recreate this look then please do share it with me via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I’d love to see what you guys come up with!




Hello my loves,

I thought because Vlogoween is fast approaching I’d check in with you all to say hello and let you know what I’m up to in preparation for the huge experience that’ll be: Vlogoween. Currently I’ve just been refurbing my YouTube channel with some new bits to help you find the right video.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 15.29.36As you can see, I’ve added some playlists that’ll grow over time on the home page of my channel currently I’ve only got two: ‘Phobia Series’ and ‘Special Effects/Prosthetics’ and I’ll keep adding to these videos as an when they’re uploaded. Keep an eye out though as they’ll be plenty more playlists added soon!

Secondly, I’ve invested some money into a programme called ‘Motion’ it’s available from the Mac App Store, and it’s going to enable me to create some modified bits and pieces rather than just the basic effects, text and transitions that Final Cut Pro X has to offer. Although I love Final Cut Pro, I feel that Motion will allow me to really improve my video intro’s and this means they’ll be more theatrical and hopefully more scary! I’m going to create another Vlogoween trailer with this programme once I’ve got to grips with it so you can get more of an idea of what to expect from my videos in the future.

I knew I’d end up leaving tutorial filming to last minute again! But fear not I’ve got a full two weeks of work coming up in which I’ll be spending that time editing these videos to perfection, currently I’ve got the follow tutorials filmed:

  • Adele Inspired ‘Drag’
  • Phantom of the Opera: Christine
  • Trixie the Clown
  • Possessed: Demon
  • Serial Killer: Dolly

But I’m planning on doing AT LEAST THREE or FOUR more tutorials, I want to try and cram as many tutorials into this Halloween series as possible because I really love Halloween and it’s the time of the year I’m most inspired. I hope your all keeping well and am as excited about Vlogoween as I am!

Take Care! Harley. X

Something’s Coming…

I’m glad to say I’m finally back chatting to you all about everything from halloween tutorials, makeup, reviews, scare acting and more! I’ve decided I didn’t just want to blog about makeup and my YouTube channel, but everything else too. I hope it’ll be useful and fun for subscribers of my channel to read as I tend to disappear for months from YouTube, but I am hoping to change that very soon and become regular again.

Halloween’s fast approaching and on ‘Shard of Glass Makeup’ on YouTube something’s coming, watch this video to find out some more..


So there you have it! Keep your eye out for whats happening throughout October because I’m going to be releasing a new video everyday. I’ve been working so very hard on making my tutorials top notch for this Halloween, I’ve even tried something completely different, BEAUTY makeup! I literally barely ever do beauty makeup because I was never confident with it, but there are two tutorials involved (currently anyway, there maybe more!) that are both beauty makeups. I really hope you enjoy the series and I’ll be hopefully writing blog posts for every tutorial I do on my channel now, going into detail about the characters, variations, and a bit more about the products I used.

Happy Halloween (I know it’s September, but it’s never to early to say it!)