Monster Lab: The Creep

I recently put up my entry to AUDFACED’s Monster Lab contest, I created a character called ‘The Creep’ – as I was playing around with new techniques, in this case free-hand sculpting with gelatine and using alot more layers when doing my colouring, I decided not to film a tutorial for this look and do more of a ‘showcase’ instead. This post is going to give a basic walkthrough of the makeup and show some high quality pictures of the finished look.

the creep the creep2

Theres ‘The Creep’ close up, isn’t he lovely? NO, is the answer to that, he’ll rip your insides out if you get too close to him! I tried working with gelatine again when doing this I made a mixture up using regular store bought gelatine, and rather using a mould etc, I allowed to gelatine to set slightly so it was rather thick, then using sculpting tools, sculpted the basic shapes I wanted onto my face. Of course, where I rushed to pile the gelatine on my face before it sets, I didn’t have half a chance to even think about thin edges, so they all ended up super visible. Not to worry, I took my old friend Witchhazel on a cotton bud and rolled away at the edges and they became beautifully smooth, I already prefer gelatine to latex as I find edge blending so simple and the finished product is just gorgeous.

I coloured my prosthetics with my usual Supracolor palette by Kryolan and BH Cosmetics eyeshadow, in the end I made up another batch of gelatine and added some very dark fake blood to it and blended this into the wounds, before adding a brighter red liquid blood to make it look wet and gross. The part on my throat wasn’t actually meant to be hanging off! Originally it was going to be a scar, but it peeled off, and I’m glad it did because no-one really knows what it is and it looks gross, all great fun!

I hope you love this look, I’ll leave you with the video now if you haven’t already seen it. Until next time! Harley.