Craig Dillon

The Power of Social Networks.

I decided to write a blog post about this subjects, as I’ve tried to make a video about this a few times and I just end up flustered. This is going to be the easiest way to get my opinion across. I would just like to state this blog post is completely my thoughts and opinion, of course you are entitled not to agree and/or have a different opinion to me. But please respect my opinion, the same I would yours. I’d also like to express that I DO NOT know any of the mentioned individuals in this post personally. I would like to hear your opinion on this subject too, so feel free to leave it below or on my video where this post is linked.

Recently, alot has been going around on YouTube about several YouTubers such as Sam Pepper, VeeOneEye and Craig Dillon, I’ve sat back and just listened to all of the stories and accusations around things like it and everything is revolving around sexual harassment or rape. I believe the whole scenario regarding Sam Pepper is a matter of opinion and therefor won’t be covering him much more, but this story seemed to be the spark that’s ignited this flame.

I’m not going to cover individuals regarding VeeOneEye or Craig Dillion as I don’t want to give any negative impressions on any of these two. But as I’m sure you reading will know that YouTubers make money from creating online content. These two accusations happened pretty close together and I’ve mainly followed it on Twitter and even seen more YouTubers getting involved with throwing hate around. Videos online were make and many have blown up and had thousands, if not millions of views. Which makes me think some accusations weren’t 100% true and were in fact a money making/fan building tool. If not that a way to spread hate someones way. From here on, this post isn’t aimed just at the YouTubers I mentioned earlier, but everyone online that uses a social network.

Of course there are ways to become famous online, but really the best way to do that is be yourself and be confident in that and let your personality shine, it shouldn’t take anything as serious as false accusations about subjects so serious as rape, or eating ‘used tampons’ etc. Social Networks are powerful tools and things like that will blow up quickly and spread like wild fire. It doesn’t just effect viewers/subscribers it can effect the victims of accusations too, I’ve seen so much hate thrown at people online recently regarding whats been going on and I can’t imagine the mental impact this has on people.

I mainly like to focus on the YouTube community and this year it’s grown more than ever and has become an amazing place, I just see it as a huge shame that this has blown it backwards and age and situations like rape (if said stories are true) would be sorted out OFFLINE with the police between the individuals involved, there is no need to post attention seeking videos online. It is ┬ásilly and it upsets me to see the YouTube community going backwards, I just hope this will blow over and the community will continue to grow.

This was a long post, I’m sorry, if your still here thank you for reading, I’d love to hear your opinion on this.