T-Shirt: D.I.Y Homemade!

Jeans: River Island

Shoes: Adidas 

This afternoon I’m coming at you with a super simple, but eye catching OOTD! Paired with some accessories this is a fantastic ‘grungey’ outfit to wear when it’s not too chilly, you could always add a bomber jacket if it does get too chilly! I kept my shoes slightly dirty on the white front parts for that added grungey look, which I’m kinda liking at the moment! Yes – I created the t-shirt all by myself! The top itself is originally just a plain black one from Primark, but I have attacked it – I’m going to make a tutorial very soon on here and YouTube showing how I created it. So stay tuned for that!


Autumn ‘Acid Wash’ OOTD

IMG_3439 IMG_3437 IMG_3443

Shirt: Topman

Jeans: Topman

Scarf/Snood: Primark

Beanie: Primark

It’s getting to that chilly time of the year, just kidding, it’s freezing already! But saying that, it’s my favourite time of year due to the colours and the temperature – it’s an awesome opportunity for me to express myself with fashion and go all out, I love these baggy white jeans paired with this beautiful purple and blue acid washed shirt and a burgundy beanie. Paired with some jewellery pieces, this is a super simple, ‘grungey’ outfit for those days that aren’t too chilly. ¬†– I want to do more super simple posts like this showing off my outfits – if you’d like to see more posts like this, do let me know.