Demi Lovato ‘Up’ Inspired Makeup

demi lavato 3

And there you have it! Finally my first proper ‘makeup’ tutorial! I think I pretty good job and I’m nervous to post the video and get all your feedback. I will definitely do some more soon though as I really enjoyed myself! I’m going to try and find some models next time, as my viewers will know, my eye sight isn’t great and thats why I put off these sorts of tutorials for so long.

PRODUCTS/TOOLS/BRUSHES USED (click any product to buy):

As you can see I’m a HUGE fan of the Real Techniques brushes. They’ve just seen a new collection of more ‘high end’ brushes – The Bold Metals Collection – would you like to see me get some of the brushes and review them? This was my first time using the Duo-FIbre Collection and I really REALLY love them for very subtle application and for blending! What do you think of the brushes?

Watch the tutorial if you haven’t already:


Garnier: Olia | Review


It’s that time of the month… the time in which your roots have come through, you can’t afford to visit the hairdressers but there are so many high street brands to choose from?! I won’t go into loads of detail here, as my video review is more in depth.

Garnier: Olia claims to: provide maximum colour performance, hair quality improvement, no ammonia, sensorial experience and up to 100% grey coverage – and I’d totally agree with this claim, it works fantastically.

I used this dye for the first time ages ago with the colour Intense Copper and instantly fell in love with the product. It works so well and really does improve the condition of your hair – and it does NOT smell bad at all. Garnier have really created a treat here, and I don’t think it gets enough hype online!

I’ll show you the close up results now!

oliabefore oliaafter

SHADE USED: Blue Black 2.10

The proof is in the pudding! I’ve got very very strong copper orange hair naturally, and some high street blue black dyes have trouble taking well to them, but Olia had absolutely no problem at all. Do be careful using this particular shade with white or very ashy blonde hair, the blue may grab and you risk ending up with super wacky hair!

Shop the full range of Garnier Olia on Amazon: Garnier Olia


View my video on YouTube for a full review and a demo of how to apply this product:


Monster Lab: The Creep

I recently put up my entry to AUDFACED’s Monster Lab contest, I created a character called ‘The Creep’ – as I was playing around with new techniques, in this case free-hand sculpting with gelatine and using alot more layers when doing my colouring, I decided not to film a tutorial for this look and do more of a ‘showcase’ instead. This post is going to give a basic walkthrough of the makeup and show some high quality pictures of the finished look.

the creep the creep2

Theres ‘The Creep’ close up, isn’t he lovely? NO, is the answer to that, he’ll rip your insides out if you get too close to him! I tried working with gelatine again when doing this I made a mixture up using regular store bought gelatine, and rather using a mould etc, I allowed to gelatine to set slightly so it was rather thick, then using sculpting tools, sculpted the basic shapes I wanted onto my face. Of course, where I rushed to pile the gelatine on my face before it sets, I didn’t have half a chance to even think about thin edges, so they all ended up super visible. Not to worry, I took my old friend Witchhazel on a cotton bud and rolled away at the edges and they became beautifully smooth, I already prefer gelatine to latex as I find edge blending so simple and the finished product is just gorgeous.

I coloured my prosthetics with my usual Supracolor palette by Kryolan and BH Cosmetics eyeshadow, in the end I made up another batch of gelatine and added some very dark fake blood to it and blended this into the wounds, before adding a brighter red liquid blood to make it look wet and gross. The part on my throat wasn’t actually meant to be hanging off! Originally it was going to be a scar, but it peeled off, and I’m glad it did because no-one really knows what it is and it looks gross, all great fun!

I hope you love this look, I’ll leave you with the video now if you haven’t already seen it. Until next time! Harley.

The Power of Social Networks.

I decided to write a blog post about this subjects, as I’ve tried to make a video about this a few times and I just end up flustered. This is going to be the easiest way to get my opinion across. I would just like to state this blog post is completely my thoughts and opinion, of course you are entitled not to agree and/or have a different opinion to me. But please respect my opinion, the same I would yours. I’d also like to express that I DO NOT know any of the mentioned individuals in this post personally. I would like to hear your opinion on this subject too, so feel free to leave it below or on my video where this post is linked.

Recently, alot has been going around on YouTube about several YouTubers such as Sam Pepper, VeeOneEye and Craig Dillon, I’ve sat back and just listened to all of the stories and accusations around things like it and everything is revolving around sexual harassment or rape. I believe the whole scenario regarding Sam Pepper is a matter of opinion and therefor won’t be covering him much more, but this story seemed to be the spark that’s ignited this flame.

I’m not going to cover individuals regarding VeeOneEye or Craig Dillion as I don’t want to give any negative impressions on any of these two. But as I’m sure you reading will know that YouTubers make money from creating online content. These two accusations happened pretty close together and I’ve mainly followed it on Twitter and even seen more YouTubers getting involved with throwing hate around. Videos online were make and many have blown up and had thousands, if not millions of views. Which makes me think some accusations weren’t 100% true and were in fact a money making/fan building tool. If not that a way to spread hate someones way. From here on, this post isn’t aimed just at the YouTubers I mentioned earlier, but everyone online that uses a social network.

Of course there are ways to become famous online, but really the best way to do that is be yourself and be confident in that and let your personality shine, it shouldn’t take anything as serious as false accusations about subjects so serious as rape, or eating ‘used tampons’ etc. Social Networks are powerful tools and things like that will blow up quickly and spread like wild fire. It doesn’t just effect viewers/subscribers it can effect the victims of accusations too, I’ve seen so much hate thrown at people online recently regarding whats been going on and I can’t imagine the mental impact this has on people.

I mainly like to focus on the YouTube community and this year it’s grown more than ever and has become an amazing place, I just see it as a huge shame that this has blown it backwards and age and situations like rape (if said stories are true) would be sorted out OFFLINE with the police between the individuals involved, there is no need to post attention seeking videos online. It is  silly and it upsets me to see the YouTube community going backwards, I just hope this will blow over and the community will continue to grow.

This was a long post, I’m sorry, if your still here thank you for reading, I’d love to hear your opinion on this.


VLOGOWEEN | Serial Killer: Doll Faced


“This is another very simple look that is easy to create. It’s also VERY customisable!”

This tutorial again is very cheap to recreate, the only thing most people won’t own is liquid latex which can be brought from Halloween stores in small quantities. I do the bruising work with cream makeup in this but it can be substituted for lipsticks or eyeshadow if your budget is tight. If you are looking to get into special effects, the bruise wheel I will list below was one of the first products I purchased and it really helped me.



Looking at it now I’ve done the list, it seems like alot of products. But really, every product plays an important role in the making of this look. As I always mention you do not need to use the expensive professional products like I’ve used, you can use drugstore and Halloween store products if your budget doesn’t fit brands like MAC and Kryolan!

If you do recreate this look then please do share it with me via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I’d love to see what you guys come up with!

VLOGOWEEN | Possessed Makeup



“I wanted to create a look that’s super easy and quick for people to recreate for Halloween, yet it still looks super effective, and it’s very affordable to do!”

For this look I did use professional grade products, mainly cream products. My full product list is below but of course you can buy cheaper Halloween cream makeup from the Halloween stores to recreate this look, I just prefer not to use it because of the quality of the makeup and how it reacts with my skin. If you do have the money I would suggest investing in more professional grade quality, to stop the risk of having awful breakouts from the cheap makeup.


  • Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation: 1 Light Beige
  • Kryolan Supracolor (all shades I used): 072, 079, 082, 046, 517, 091, 070
  • Kryolan Classic Lipstick: LC171
  • Baby Powder

As you can see, this is a very simple look that barely requires any products. If your budget is tight, you could always use fewer shades of the Supracolor that I did. I chose to use so many different shades because I feel it’s important to include different tones in looks like this.

If you do recreate this look then please do share it with me via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I’d love to see what you guys come up with!




Hello my loves,

I thought because Vlogoween is fast approaching I’d check in with you all to say hello and let you know what I’m up to in preparation for the huge experience that’ll be: Vlogoween. Currently I’ve just been refurbing my YouTube channel with some new bits to help you find the right video.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 15.29.36As you can see, I’ve added some playlists that’ll grow over time on the home page of my channel currently I’ve only got two: ‘Phobia Series’ and ‘Special Effects/Prosthetics’ and I’ll keep adding to these videos as an when they’re uploaded. Keep an eye out though as they’ll be plenty more playlists added soon!

Secondly, I’ve invested some money into a programme called ‘Motion’ it’s available from the Mac App Store, and it’s going to enable me to create some modified bits and pieces rather than just the basic effects, text and transitions that Final Cut Pro X has to offer. Although I love Final Cut Pro, I feel that Motion will allow me to really improve my video intro’s and this means they’ll be more theatrical and hopefully more scary! I’m going to create another Vlogoween trailer with this programme once I’ve got to grips with it so you can get more of an idea of what to expect from my videos in the future.

I knew I’d end up leaving tutorial filming to last minute again! But fear not I’ve got a full two weeks of work coming up in which I’ll be spending that time editing these videos to perfection, currently I’ve got the follow tutorials filmed:

  • Adele Inspired ‘Drag’
  • Phantom of the Opera: Christine
  • Trixie the Clown
  • Possessed: Demon
  • Serial Killer: Dolly

But I’m planning on doing AT LEAST THREE or FOUR more tutorials, I want to try and cram as many tutorials into this Halloween series as possible because I really love Halloween and it’s the time of the year I’m most inspired. I hope your all keeping well and am as excited about Vlogoween as I am!

Take Care! Harley. X