Garnier: Olia | Review


It’s that time of the month… the time in which your roots have come through, you can’t afford to visit the hairdressers but there are so many high street brands to choose from?! I won’t go into loads of detail here, as my video review is more in depth.

Garnier: Olia claims to: provide maximum colour performance, hair quality improvement, no ammonia, sensorial experience and up to 100% grey coverage – and I’d totally agree with this claim, it works fantastically.

I used this dye for the first time ages ago with the colour Intense Copper and instantly fell in love with the product. It works so well and really does improve the condition of your hair – and it does NOT smell bad at all. Garnier have really created a treat here, and I don’t think it gets enough hype online!

I’ll show you the close up results now!

oliabefore oliaafter

SHADE USED: Blue Black 2.10

The proof is in the pudding! I’ve got very very strong copper orange hair naturally, and some high street blue black dyes have trouble taking well to them, but Olia had absolutely no problem at all. Do be careful using this particular shade with white or very ashy blonde hair, the blue may grab and you risk ending up with super wacky hair!

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View my video on YouTube for a full review and a demo of how to apply this product:



Kryolan Supracolor 24 Palette | Review

When I started out as a makeup artist, I saw so many people on YouTube raving about this product and I was itching to try it. So when I had the chance to buy it from Charles Fox in London, I jumped at the chance. This palette retails at around £50 depending on where you get it and it includes 24 colours. There is also the option to buy this product with just 12 colours in too.

IMG_0442 IMG_0443

This is my palette, excuse that it’s not very tidy, but I’ve been using it lots lately. I did lots of research on different ways to use this palette and I wanted to try lots out before reviewing it. I’ve done a SFX look with this which simulated deep cuts using just this paint, using the white and black to highlight and contour. It worked amazingly for this and instantly fell in love with it. I’ve also used this palette in theatre, for live close up work and some film work.
The colour pay off from this palette is amazing (as you can see from the swatches above) and it can be blended out really nicely, they can be made very subtle or very bright. I really like using the bright colours for clown looks because of the way they pop. The only thing that can annoys me about the palette is that it can smudge really easily and will definitely need setting with a makeup setting spray or a translucent powder. I definitely think this palette is worth a try though and it has many different uses.
This concludes my first post on here. I hope you enjoyed reading 🙂
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